Basic Car Club Rules and Regulations

When it comes to a club, there will always be rules and regulations to follow. This is to maintain the discipline of every member. If a club cannot control its members even if there are regulations to follow, then it could be that the governing body of the particular club is not does not apply its power. It could also be that the members of this club are hard headed, therefore officers of this club must give them a corresponding action.

There are clubs, who is not strictly implementing rules and that might cause trouble or problems may arise between members or with other club members. Of course, we would not like such things to happen in the future. That’s why strict implementation of the rules and regulations of any club must be made.

If you would like to join any car club, then you must be aware about the basic rules and regulations that they have. If you think that you can abide these, then you are very much welcome to join. But, if you cannot obey them, then you better think about joining.

  1. It is very important for the members of any car club to show respect to other members, other clubs and to the community. Respect who the members are and what they have, so that you will also be respected.
  2. It is also very important for every member to practice driving safely as well as following every traffic regulation. You have to do this as a habit to show as a good example to the current and future members of the club as well as to the community.
  3. If a member will represent the club, then he needs to act in an adult and a mature manner. If you do not possess such behavior, then you can’t represent the car club because you will just give the club a bad image. You should not let that happen.
  4. You have to attend the meetings, so that you will know what is happening in the club. If you are excused from your absence, then it would be best for you to ask other members about the meeting details.
  5. You are encouraged to join, participate and cooperate with the car club, especially if your club will sponsor a car show or any event relevant to your aims and goals as a club.
  6. If other members of your club need assistance, then it would be great for you to assist or extend help to show brotherhood and sisterhood. This might just only be a club, but you have to be united and act like one family.
  7. If any member cannot follow the rules, did harm to others or has done any act against the club, then he must be excused from the club. Warnings are usually given and if done for the second or third time, then that member may be expelled from the club.
  8. If there are annual membership fees, then you have to pay it to be fair to other members.