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Who joins a Car Club?

As a car enthusiast, we surely love to join various car clubs. Of course, this is where we can share our ideas or opinions about cars and of course, to show what we have. When someone joins a car club, it does not mean that you have something to boast around. It only means that you have something that other car enthusiasts are interested in. So, just be proud of what you can show to them. But, you need to keep humble and down to earth.

Do you know that a car club is a non-profitable organization? Car enthusiasts just come together and gather around because they have a common interest. There are even car dealers and manufacturers, who organize such clubs. While there are also clubs that are organized by ordinary people, who just have a passion for cars.

Today, communication is made easier for different car club members. So, if you are already a member of a car club, then you can also communicate with other members online and that is through chats, video calls and e-mails. As easy as that, so no matter where you are in the world, you can always find time to talk to them. They even have websites and forums online, where they can easily track and be informed about what is happening, especially if there are upcoming events on scheduled.


These are the type of people, who already lost their own cars. But, they are still actively participating in the events of the club. They still come and join the other members. That is how loyal a member is. It could have been better if every car club member behaves like this so that they can be a role model to other members.


These type of members are those with very simple automobiles. They do not even have decals or any sticker on their cars. But, if you can see their engine, you will be amazed because their cars can run so fast. So, if this car will only join a car race, then there is a big chance to get the gold cup.


These types of members are the ones with a really good sound system. The moment they come or pass by, you can hear their automobiles with loud sounds. Anyway, the audio system set up is really great. That’s why they can easily attract attention. Pretty sure that if the quality of their sound system is not good, then you won’t even want to hear what they are playing.


There are those members, who keeps on taking photos here and there. Anyway, the good thing there is that they can just post the photos through social media. That is a good way of encouraging more members to join the club.

Active online

These members do not usually come and join the group when they need to meet somewhere. But, this member is always online and very active in participating in the forums and chats, where everybody is online. He might be absent during meetings, but at least he is trying to cope up online.

Tips on how to grow and maintain a Car Club

As a car club organizer or founder, we all know that collecting members is not that easy. You need to exert effort as much as you can just to keep you members. A club member would love to stay in a club, especially if they know that the car club has a good reputation, a reliable and a trustworthy club. These members would surely stay for as long as the club is still actively participating in various events.

Before joining a car club, you have to make sure that you are going to comply with the requirements. Aside from that, you must abide the rules and regulations. You should read these terms and understand it. Once you already understood the rules and regulations, then you have to accept those terms. If you cannot follow those written laws of the car club, then it would be best for you to think if you will join or not.

Actually, it is not only the duty and responsibility of the founder or officers of a car club to grow and maintain the club. Every member must do their part to help in maintaining and growing the club. If they are proud to be officers and members of a particular car club and they are enjoying their stay, then they will surely encourage non-members to join.

Internal club communication

It is very important for all members of the car club to have an open communication. If there are meetings to be scheduled, events to organize or participate in community services, then all members must be informed.

There must be car club officers, who are in-charged with disseminating information. They can do this by sending emails, SMS, posting in the club’s official website and publishing in the club’s magazine or newsletter. These are just simply informing every member of the car club. But, this is actually the most effective way of growing and keeping members.

What if you need to talk to the members of the club? You can get every member’s contact number and email address. This is the easiest way to reach them out. If you cannot reach their mobile phone number, then you can always send them messages via email.

Another form of communication is through group chats. This is actually the best way to talk to active members of the club. Everybody goes online whenever they get connected to the Internet. So, it would be very easy to find time chatting with them.

From there, you can easily discuss issues and concerns regarding the members of the club, future events, policies, monetary collections and other important things. It is also necessary for the group to have this chat or line open 24 hours a day because there are members, who sometimes go out of the country. So, if their time is different, then they can always send messages and communicate with active members online. Of course, even if they are out of the country, they would still want to keep updated.

The Best Car Clubs in America

Many car owners in the world join car clubs because here they have something in common, and that is they just simply love cars. In a car club, they share that common interest together. It is also here, where they can show what they have to other members. Showing off is not really something rude in car clubs, you just want to show everybody what you can afford to have.

In car clubs, you are all equal no matter what you have. What is important here is that you all understand each other. You belong in just one group, so it is a must for every member to have unity. Your common interest makes you, a family. So, you have to show your loyalty and support for the club, where you joined.

There are actually numerous car clubs in the whole world. And you are really lucky, if you belong to the best car clubs in the whole world. We have here a list of the best among the world’s car clubs for your consideration. So, may this serve as a basis for those who has plans of joining a car club.

The BMW Car Club of America

The BMW CCA started in 1969 in the United States. Today it has 67 chapters with 70,000 members, who receives a copy of Roundel, the club’s magazine, every month. Members are also receiving various privileges, such as vehicle rebates, discounts on parts, discounts on car service and admissions to events.

The Classic Car Club Manhattan, NY

This club focuses on classic or vintage automobiles or sports cars. The club provides its members full access to various fleets of rides and entertains or assist clients. Some of their cars are the 955 Porsche Spyder, the 1965 convertible Mustang and the 1965 Shelby Cobra.

The Classic Sports Racing Groups

This club started in 1968 in California. They usually race on the known tracks like the Sonoma Raceway. They are very strict in implementing and following their rules. If you will show inappropriate behavior, then expect a punishment.

The Sports Car Club of America

In 1944, this car club started with the aim to “Bring motor sports to those who are passionate about them.” The SCCA covers 114 regions. They organize annual events and indulge in all levels. You just need to have a passion for motor sports or cars, if you would like to join this club.

The Exotic Car Country Club, Florida

This is actually one of the most exclusive clubs that you can find in Florida, where monthly fees are collected. You need to pay $1,600 to $1,800.  They have various muscle cars, sports cars, brute and rugged cars. If you will join this club, then you can enjoy the benefit of car delivery anywhere in the United States.

The Veteran Motor Car Club of America

This car club started in 1938 and now with 3,000 members around the world. In 1982, they started giving the VMCCA Golden Award of Excellence to their members for their performance, preservation and appearance.

Basic Car Club Rules and Regulations

When it comes to a club, there will always be rules and regulations to follow. This is to maintain the discipline of every member. If a club cannot control its members even if there are regulations to follow, then it could be that the governing body of the particular club is not does not apply its power. It could also be that the members of this club are hard headed, therefore officers of this club must give them a corresponding action.

There are clubs, who is not strictly implementing rules and that might cause trouble or problems may arise between members or with other club members. Of course, we would not like such things to happen in the future. That’s why strict implementation of the rules and regulations of any club must be made.

If you would like to join any car club, then you must be aware about the basic rules and regulations that they have. If you think that you can abide these, then you are very much welcome to join. But, if you cannot obey them, then you better think about joining.

  1. It is very important for the members of any car club to show respect to other members, other clubs and to the community. Respect who the members are and what they have, so that you will also be respected.
  2. It is also very important for every member to practice driving safely as well as following every traffic regulation. You have to do this as a habit to show as a good example to the current and future members of the club as well as to the community.
  3. If a member will represent the club, then he needs to act in an adult and a mature manner. If you do not possess such behavior, then you can’t represent the car club because you will just give the club a bad image. You should not let that happen.
  4. You have to attend the meetings, so that you will know what is happening in the club. If you are excused from your absence, then it would be best for you to ask other members about the meeting details.
  5. You are encouraged to join, participate and cooperate with the car club, especially if your club will sponsor a car show or any event relevant to your aims and goals as a club.
  6. If other members of your club need assistance, then it would be great for you to assist or extend help to show brotherhood and sisterhood. This might just only be a club, but you have to be united and act like one family.
  7. If any member cannot follow the rules, did harm to others or has done any act against the club, then he must be excused from the club. Warnings are usually given and if done for the second or third time, then that member may be expelled from the club.
  8. If there are annual membership fees, then you have to pay it to be fair to other members.

Who do you meet in a Car Club?

A Car Club is a community of people or group of people, who are sharing something in common and that is in motor or auto vehicles. They became a group because they all have cars, they love cars and they are interested in chit chats or car conversations. That’s who they are. Most of the time, these clubs are organized according to their type of cars or activities. Let’s say that they simply have a particular type of car that’s why they are formed. Or it could also be that they join car shows or car racing competitions.

No matter how they are formed is not always a problem for these folks. What really matters to them is that they understand each other because they are interested in cars. They join car clubs to meet other members, widen their knowledge and continue what they have started.


Who are these people anyway?

When these people come and meet together, you will notice them. You can hear the noise of their engine, the sounds on their cars, the speed of the cars and the smoke their car produce. Do not think that these people are members of a gang as we always watch in movies. But, most of the time, these people mean no harm to us. So, let’s just allow them to express their passion for cars.

When you join and meet members of the club, you will find there young and old folks. There are those who can’t already drive due to accidents, those who are pioneers, new members and officers of the club. All of these people meet and support the advocacy of the club. No matter who you are in the group, you are given due respect and appreciation.

What’s with the meeting?

When these members meet together, they talk about different issues and concerns about other members of the club. Let’s say that someone in the club passed away, then through their meeting, they can talk together about how they can extend help to the family of that member. This shows, that they do care about every member of the club and they were not formed just to show off what they have. There are also times, where they talk about community services. Let’s say that they would like to gather themselves and help in cleaning the lakes.

If you will notice, the club has goals and mission to accomplish. So, if this is a kind of club, who will not like to join? A club might collect registration fees or other fees, but they use this for a good cause. Sometimes, they also use their funds in competitions. Bumper to bumper car shows are very popular anywhere in the world. These clubs use their collection to give prizes to the participants. It is true that joining a competition may require a registration fee, but that won’t be enough to compensate all the expenses for the said event. So, it is good if the club has allocated funds for that competition.