The Katana Fellowship Car Club or KFCC website blog has the full rights on every article published on our website. We are very strict in publishing articles and we make sure that every posted blog is original. We respect other blogs, so we do not allow copying of articles and then, sent to us for publication. That is not how we are. We respect others, so that we can get the same respect, too.

We would like to inform every writer and contributor of the KFCC that submitted articles are carefully checked. If it is found to be a copied article, then you won’t be able to be a part of our team again. This is just a disciplinary action that we will do to avoid trouble in the future.

So, please make sure that you will only send us write ups with an original content. If you insist on submitting copied articles, then we need to consider this as a serious issue. We will ban you from joining the team and you can never join us again.

Those are the policies that we have at KFCC, so we are hoping that you would take them seriously. Thank you very much for your cooperation.