Relocating our office

As an employee, one of the situations that you may not avoid is to relocate your office. During this time, of course, you are obliged to help in packing your things and labeling them properly. Small stuffs like papers, books and light machines or equipment in the office is easy to manage. But, for those that has weight, then it would be difficult.

There are even machines or equipment as well as furniture that needs to be dismantled, right? In my opinion, you needed an expert with this. And then, of course, moving everything in the office needs removal services. I know that you can find a lot of them in Australia, but it would be nice to inquire the Goodyear Removals and Transport about their services.

Anyway, moving is not an easy task. You need a few things to consider. So, you better list them down because we have here important things for you to know.

Choosing your moving schedule

If possible, avoid moving on Fridays and weekends because there are situations that may cause you transport a delay. For example, consider the huge amount of travelers on the road as well as the traffic jam. You should know that a lot of people travel on weekends and they are also prepared to travel on Fridays. Therefore, you better schedule it on weekdays.

And then, when it comes to financial transactions, a lot of establishments are closed on weekends. What if you cannot make the payment on Friday, then the moving will be delayed or re-scheduled, right?

Lastly, you have to make an arrangement ahead of time to avoid finding a schedule in a rush. These moving companies are also busy and sometimes, they do not have enough facilities to accommodate everybody. So, to make sure about your slot, plan and set your moving as early as possible.

Checking the company policy

Before you make an arrangement or sign a contract, review the policy of the movers company. Do they have insurance covered for your office properties? Is their quote right? Do they collect too much rate? Will you pay for the gas? And how long would it take them to move your stuffs? Lastly, are they certified and a registered company?


Do they also offer packing services for your stuffs? Do they have available boxes to use and how much would it cost? How do they secure and protect your packages? Those are just a few things that must be checked for your boxes.