The Best Car Clubs in America

Many car owners in the world join car clubs because here they have something in common, and that is they just simply love cars. In a car club, they share that common interest together. It is also here, where they can show what they have to other members. Showing off is not really something rude in car clubs, you just want to show everybody what you can afford to have.

In car clubs, you are all equal no matter what you have. What is important here is that you all understand each other. You belong in just one group, so it is a must for every member to have unity. Your common interest makes you, a family. So, you have to show your loyalty and support for the club, where you joined.

There are actually numerous car clubs in the whole world. And you are really lucky, if you belong to the best car clubs in the whole world. We have here a list of the best among the world’s car clubs for your consideration. So, may this serve as a basis for those who has plans of joining a car club.

The BMW Car Club of America

The BMW CCA started in 1969 in the United States. Today it has 67 chapters with 70,000 members, who receives a copy of Roundel, the club’s magazine, every month. Members are also receiving various privileges, such as vehicle rebates, discounts on parts, discounts on car service and admissions to events.

The Classic Car Club Manhattan, NY

This club focuses on classic or vintage automobiles or sports cars. The club provides its members full access to various fleets of rides and entertains or assist clients. Some of their cars are the 955 Porsche Spyder, the 1965 convertible Mustang and the 1965 Shelby Cobra.

The Classic Sports Racing Groups

This club started in 1968 in California. They usually race on the known tracks like the Sonoma Raceway. They are very strict in implementing and following their rules. If you will show inappropriate behavior, then expect a punishment.

The Sports Car Club of America

In 1944, this car club started with the aim to “Bring motor sports to those who are passionate about them.” The SCCA covers 114 regions. They organize annual events and indulge in all levels. You just need to have a passion for motor sports or cars, if you would like to join this club.

The Exotic Car Country Club, Florida

This is actually one of the most exclusive clubs that you can find in Florida, where monthly fees are collected. You need to pay $1,600 to $1,800.  They have various muscle cars, sports cars, brute and rugged cars. If you will join this club, then you can enjoy the benefit of car delivery anywhere in the United States.

The Veteran Motor Car Club of America

This car club started in 1938 and now with 3,000 members around the world. In 1982, they started giving the VMCCA Golden Award of Excellence to their members for their performance, preservation and appearance.