Tips on how to grow and maintain a Car Club

As a car club organizer or founder, we all know that collecting members is not that easy. You need to exert effort as much as you can just to keep you members. A club member would love to stay in a club, especially if they know that the car club has a good reputation, a reliable and a trustworthy club. These members would surely stay for as long as the club is still actively participating in various events.

Before joining a car club, you have to make sure that you are going to comply with the requirements. Aside from that, you must abide the rules and regulations. You should read these terms and understand it. Once you already understood the rules and regulations, then you have to accept those terms. If you cannot follow those written laws of the car club, then it would be best for you to think if you will join or not.

Actually, it is not only the duty and responsibility of the founder or officers of a car club to grow and maintain the club. Every member must do their part to help in maintaining and growing the club. If they are proud to be officers and members of a particular car club and they are enjoying their stay, then they will surely encourage non-members to join.

Internal club communication

It is very important for all members of the car club to have an open communication. If there are meetings to be scheduled, events to organize or participate in community services, then all members must be informed.

There must be car club officers, who are in-charged with disseminating information. They can do this by sending emails, SMS, posting in the club’s official website and publishing in the club’s magazine or newsletter. These are just simply informing every member of the car club. But, this is actually the most effective way of growing and keeping members.

What if you need to talk to the members of the club? You can get every member’s contact number and email address. This is the easiest way to reach them out. If you cannot reach their mobile phone number, then you can always send them messages via email.

Another form of communication is through group chats. This is actually the best way to talk to active members of the club. Everybody goes online whenever they get connected to the Internet. So, it would be very easy to find time chatting with them.

From there, you can easily discuss issues and concerns regarding the members of the club, future events, policies, monetary collections and other important things. It is also necessary for the group to have this chat or line open 24 hours a day because there are members, who sometimes go out of the country. So, if their time is different, then they can always send messages and communicate with active members online. Of course, even if they are out of the country, they would still want to keep updated.