What we do

The Katana Fellowship Car Club started a website blog called, the KFCC Blog to provide information to various communities or groups formed due to their passion for car. We aim at disseminating facts, opinions and information that all readers can rely on.

Through the KFCC blog, we can enrich the awareness of various readers, who would like to join various car clubs locally and internationally. This only shows that our website blog can serve as a bridge and a way for members from different areas to meet, socialize and know each other. We believe that such things are very important.

It is also through our website blog, where these aspiring, new and old members can discuss various topics about cars. They can share their experiences for other members to learn. Everything will be possible through the participation and cooperation of these members and of course, through our guidelines.

Knowing people, whom you share common interest is also a goal that the KFCC would like to fulfill. This would be very successful through the continuous support of our valued readers. The KFCC staff is very proud to say that we are a reliable group and provides quality information that our readers would find helpful.