Who do you meet in a Car Club?

A Car Club is a community of people or group of people, who are sharing something in common and that is in motor or auto vehicles. They became a group because they all have cars, they love cars and they are interested in chit chats or car conversations. That’s who they are. Most of the time, these clubs are organized according to their type of cars or activities. Let’s say that they simply have a particular type of car that’s why they are formed. Or it could also be that they join car shows or car racing competitions.

No matter how they are formed is not always a problem for these folks. What really matters to them is that they understand each other because they are interested in cars. They join car clubs to meet other members, widen their knowledge and continue what they have started.


Who are these people anyway?

When these people come and meet together, you will notice them. You can hear the noise of their engine, the sounds on their cars, the speed of the cars and the smoke their car produce. Do not think that these people are members of a gang as we always watch in movies. But, most of the time, these people mean no harm to us. So, let’s just allow them to express their passion for cars.

When you join and meet members of the club, you will find there young and old folks. There are those who can’t already drive due to accidents, those who are pioneers, new members and officers of the club. All of these people meet and support the advocacy of the club. No matter who you are in the group, you are given due respect and appreciation.

What’s with the meeting?

When these members meet together, they talk about different issues and concerns about other members of the club. Let’s say that someone in the club passed away, then through their meeting, they can talk together about how they can extend help to the family of that member. This shows, that they do care about every member of the club and they were not formed just to show off what they have. There are also times, where they talk about community services. Let’s say that they would like to gather themselves and help in cleaning the lakes.

If you will notice, the club has goals and mission to accomplish. So, if this is a kind of club, who will not like to join? A club might collect registration fees or other fees, but they use this for a good cause. Sometimes, they also use their funds in competitions. Bumper to bumper car shows are very popular anywhere in the world. These clubs use their collection to give prizes to the participants. It is true that joining a competition may require a registration fee, but that won’t be enough to compensate all the expenses for the said event. So, it is good if the club has allocated funds for that competition.