Who joins a Car Club?

As a car enthusiast, we surely love to join various car clubs. Of course, this is where we can share our ideas or opinions about cars and of course, to show what we have. When someone joins a car club, it does not mean that you have something to boast around. It only means that you have something that other car enthusiasts are interested in. So, just be proud of what you can show to them. But, you need to keep humble and down to earth.

Do you know that a car club is a non-profitable organization? Car enthusiasts just come together and gather around because they have a common interest. There are even car dealers and manufacturers, who organize such clubs. While there are also clubs that are organized by ordinary people, who just have a passion for cars.

Today, communication is made easier for different car club members. So, if you are already a member of a car club, then you can also communicate with other members online and that is through chats, video calls and e-mails. As easy as that, so no matter where you are in the world, you can always find time to talk to them. They even have websites and forums online, where they can easily track and be informed about what is happening, especially if there are upcoming events on scheduled.


These are the type of people, who already lost their own cars. But, they are still actively participating in the events of the club. They still come and join the other members. That is how loyal a member is. It could have been better if every car club member behaves like this so that they can be a role model to other members.


These type of members are those with very simple automobiles. They do not even have decals or any sticker on their cars. But, if you can see their engine, you will be amazed because their cars can run so fast. So, if this car will only join a car race, then there is a big chance to get the gold cup.


These types of members are the ones with a really good sound system. The moment they come or pass by, you can hear their automobiles with loud sounds. Anyway, the audio system set up is really great. That’s why they can easily attract attention. Pretty sure that if the quality of their sound system is not good, then you won’t even want to hear what they are playing.


There are those members, who keeps on taking photos here and there. Anyway, the good thing there is that they can just post the photos through social media. That is a good way of encouraging more members to join the club.

Active online

These members do not usually come and join the group when they need to meet somewhere. But, this member is always online and very active in participating in the forums and chats, where everybody is online. He might be absent during meetings, but at least he is trying to cope up online.